Sculptra Santa Monica

Sculptra Santa Monica

Sculptra is biodegradable material composed of poly-L-lactic acid. It is considered a volumizer, very similar to Radiesse. Poly-L-lactic acid has been used traditionally as dissolvable sutures, so it is not new to the field of dermatology. It is injected at areas on the face where fat, muscle and bone have been lost, adding volume to the face to correct and smooth out wrinkles and folds, restore a more youthful appearance. Typically, three treatments are required, injected over a several months period. Sculptra achieves its results by stimulating collagen production and it typically last about 2 years.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra Aesthetic is the first facial injectable that can give you noticeable results that emerge subtly. It replaces lost collagen to give you a more natural-looking appearance without giving you away. A full treatment of Sculptra Aesthetic — on average, 3 injection sessions over a few months, can last for more than 2 years.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra?

Sculptra can help replace volume that many people lose in the face, but it shouldn’t be used in the lips because of lumps. It usually takes at least one vial, or two per treatment, and there are usually three treatments about six weeks apart.  Fat injections can be done also. Juvederm and Restylane are hyaluronic acids and work very nicely in the lips.

How is Sculptra injected?

Sculptra Aesthetic is a facial injectable that works gradually in a series of treatments — on average three injection sessions over a few months — for subtle, more natural looking results. It begins to work within the deep dermis, where your skin’s structure is reinforced as Sculptra Aesthetic helps to replace lost collagen. This reinforced collagen structure provides a foundation that gradually restores the look of fullness of your shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that have depleted over time. The result? Sculptra Aesthetic is different because it gradually and subtly corrects these facial wrinkles and folds. This can provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance that can last more than two years.

Are the results from Sculptra immediate?

At your first treatment visit, it may appear that Sculptra worked immediately because of swelling from the injections and the water used to dilute Sculptra. In a few days, when the swelling goes down and the water is absorbed by your body, you may look as you did before your treatment.

Why do celebrities use Sculptra?
Over time, skin loses its full, firm, youthful appearance. This is the result of a natural ageing process: the older skin is damaged, becomes thinner, and loses its natural elasticity also fat is lost from the facial contours.
As a result, hollows appear around the temples and cheek area. This reduction in skin volume can make the face look thin and narrow; possibly making people appear older than they are.

What are the most common side effects of Sculptra
The most common side effects with the use of Sculptra include injection-related side effects at the site of the injection, such as bleeding, tenderness or pain, redness, bruising, or swelling. These side effects generally last, on average, 3 to 17 days

How is Sculptra different than Restylane and Juvederm?

To start a proper discussion on which filler is better requires an understanding of the pros and cons between each filler. Restylane contains hyaluronic acid and a small particle gel carrier while Radiesse is made up of particles found in bone (calcium and phosphate minerals) and mixed in a water based gel carrier. Both products are designed to fill in lines but Radiesse is used at a deeper level than Restylane due to the thickness of the product. Thus, Radiesse can fill deep nasolabial folds better with less volume than Restylane. However, if only fine lines or mild volume loss is present then Restylane may be the only filler you need. In fact, you can even use both in the nasolabial folds by layering them at different levels in the skin. The second difference between the fillers in this area is the length of time that the fillers last. Restylane normally does not last more than 6 months while Radiesse can last from 9-12 months. Last, there is a price difference between the two fillers depending on how much is needed to get the results you are looking for. Usually two syringes of Restylane (1 ml) are needed to get the equivalent result from one syringe of Radiesse which usually means that Radiesse is more cost effective. If injected properly and with the right volume used, you should not see a difference between the two products in the overall result.

Thus, when you are deciding which filler is best for the nasolabial folds you must consider first how much will likely be required, the skill of the injector, how deep your folds are, and your budget

Can I have both Sculptra and Radiesse?
You are definitely able to use fillers in combination. In fact to achieve optimal result for certain patients, it is sometimes necessary to layer products. I would recommend you consulting the physician who performed the initial Sculptra injection for an evaluation. They can help assess which filler will be best for the areas you now want to correct and if Sculptra is the optimal “filler” you will be in the hands of a trained injector.

Is Sculptra safe?
A synthetic material that has been used safely for decades in dissolvable stitches and as an injectable since 1999 in over 30 countries. It is biocompatible and biodegradable. Poly-L-lactic acid is the main ingredient in Sculptra Aesthetic.

What is HIV Lipoatrophy?
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How can I avoid a bruise when getting Sculptra injections?

Food, alcohol, medications, and vitamins can thin out blood and cause you to bleed. Please avoid the following products for several days before the procedure. Omega-3 Fish oil Saint john’s wort Aleve, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil Alcohol Garlic

Where can I find Sculptra injection in Santa Monica and Los Angeles, California?

Dr. Behnam, U.S. leading dermatologist and recognized nationally by Newsweek as top 10 Physicians and Surgeons in the US, is a Board Certified Dermatologist practicing in Santa Monica, Ca. Dr. Behnam is an expert Sculptra injector in Santa Monica, Los Angeles California. Dr. Behnam’s office location is close to the freeway, thus he serves everyone in the Santa Monica area, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Culver City, West Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles County.