House Calls Concierge Dermatology

Dr. Behnam comes to your Home, Hotel or Place of Work

Dr. Behnam offers personalized medical care in the comfort and safety of your own home. Dr. Behnam understands how difficult it could be to obtain the proper care that you deserve. Dr. Behnam is commited to highest standard of dermatological health care at your proper time and of course in the comfort of your home. You will be treated with outmost compassion, dignity and discretion. DR. BEHNAM HAVE YOU COVERED!

Dr. Behnam can diagnose and treat most medical conditions in the sanctity of your home. From Pediatrics Dermatology to Geriatrics, Minor Surgical Care, Laboratory Services, Prescriptions, Blood Draws, Blood testing, IV fluids, and Vitamins. He makes sure that your House Call Doctor is Just a call away!

Advantages of House Calls:

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  • Dr. Behnam can diagnose, treat and offer relief much faster than a trip to the emergency room without the worry of being introduced to the germs and viruses normally found in emergency rooms. Extended and unhurried visits.
  • Dr. Behnam offers fast After Hour Pediatric Dermatology care and relief for children from newborn to age 21.
  • As we age, certain dangers present themselves. Dr. Behnam understands the important geriatric issues to ensure that the elderly are safe, healthy and age gracefully. He provides dermatological screening for skin cancer and Melanoma.
  • Dr. Behnam is happy to meet you and refill your necessary medications without the wait in the doctors office!
  • Dr. Behnam arrives in less than an hour to diagnose and treat your medical condition.
  • Dr. Behnam carrys most medications with him and in most cases will dispense a medication to you without an extra cost. No need to leave the house to pick up a medication from the pharmacy.
  • No longer wait in the Emergency Room, Urgent Care or Doctors office.
  • Follow-up telephone call within 24 hours.
  • Weekend Appointments.
  • On site diagnostic testing.
  • Prompt follow-up on all tests and reports.
  • Fast and Easy Prescription Renewal Anytime/Anywhere. Dedicated support staff for patients.


Dr. Behnam feesare very competitive with other Doctors in greater Los Angeles area or medical offices, urgent care centers, or emergency rooms. The charge for each house call visit will reflect the complexity, the travel time and the time required to care for the patient.

Dr. Behnam carries medications for majority of treatments at no additional charge. Some medications, injections, laboratory testing, and other diagnostic services and treatments however, may require additional fees and can be discussed on or before his visit.

Your house call visit and the medical treatments performed may be covered in whole or in part by your health insurance policy, so you should refer to the terms of your policy or consult your insurance agent to verify your benefits. Dr. Behnam will provide receipts for services which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of the fees.

Payment is required at the time of the house call visit and all major credit cards are accepted as well as checks and cash . For more information please don’t hesitate to Contact Us! You will receive receive reimbursement from your PPO Insurance or Travel Insurance provider.

Our patients have been receiving up to 60-80% reimbursement from their PPO insurance provider and up to 100% reimbursement from their Travel Insurance provider. Each insurance carrier is different and thus reimbursement depends on your specific coverage plan. Please discuss with your insurance about the coverage that is provided.