NovaThreads Los Angeles - PDO Threads Los Angeles

Are you in need of a non-surgical and non-invasive facelift? If you are, then the NovaThreads or PDO Threads treatment is perfect for you. The procedure will lead to facial rejuvenation, which will enhance the natural appearance of your skin by making you look youthful. Keep reading to see if NovaThreads Los Angeles is right for you.

NovaThread Lift: The Basics

The NovaThread Lift uses a non-surgical lifting technique to ensure your face stays firm and youthful as you age. These threads are inherently needles that come with pre-loaded PDO Threads or PDO sutures. These sutures are being used in the heart surgery arena for the past two decades.

That is why you can count on these sutures to break down in your body easily. When they break down, they create a lift, which encourages your body to increase collagen production. The increase in collagen production is a natural result of the sutures breaking down in your skin.

Who Is A Good NovaThreads Candidate?

By now, you might be wondering if the NovaThreads Los Angeles or PDO Threads Los Angeles non-surgical procedure is suitable for you. If you are aging, then it is a good idea to opt for the NovaThread Lift, as it will tighten your skin and ensure firmness. The best candidate for a NovaThread Lift is someone whose skin is sagging and loose.

The lift will rejuvenate the sagging skin by giving it the lift it needs to stay youthful. You can get the treatment on your cheeks, brows, neck area, and jowls. Of course, it is best to have a consultation with a professional first before you decide to get the treatment.

The NovaThread Lift Procedure

It is always essential to prepare yourself before any procedure by knowing what it entails. This non-surgical procedure is done by making a small pole through which the PDO Threads and needles are inserted. When this happens, the threads run parallel to the skin’s surface beneath the layer of the treatment area.

Once that happens, the needle is removed, and the PDO Threads are left suspended in place to give your skin the lift it needs. The threads signal the body to produce inflammation, which leads the body to boost natural collagen production. In the long run, it helps increase facial volume and tighten the skin because of increased collagen.

When Can You Expect Results?

Keep in mind that the NovaThreads and PDO Threads are done to provide an instant lift to your skin. However, the lift comes from the enhancement of collagen production in your body. After the non-surgical procedure, it will take a while for the collagen production process to begin.

While you will notice results instantly, you can expect to see full results from the treatment after two to three months. The results will keep on improving with time as your body naturally starts producing more collagen. These results can continue to improve for at least eighteen months.

How Long Do NovaThreads Last?

Please keep in mind that the PDO Threads dissolve over time, which is why they will not be effective after a while. If you want a youthful appearance again, you will have to get the procedure once more. Typically, the result of this treatment lasts at least over a year.

Barbed and smooth PDO Threads take a year to stop being effective and completely dissolve in the body. If you want to enhance collagen production again to tighten skin, you will have to opt for this non-surgical procedure again.

The Cost of NovaThreads

The cost of NovaThreads varies everywhere, depending on the professional and the treatment you are opting for. It is always best to research and compare the prices of different professionals before you decide to opt for one. You can then make an informed decision on the PDO Threads procedure that is within your budget.

Interested in NovaThreads Los Angeles?

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation and firmness, you are the perfect candidate for this non-surgical procedure. It will give you the youthful appearance you need. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Dr. Ben Behnam and opt for this facial treatment to enhance your appearance in no time.