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Cherry Angiomas

Angiomas are tiny red spots that occur commonly throughout the trunk or extremities, and even sometimes on the face. They are asymptomatic and benign. These lesions can be successfully treated with a laser. There is now an effective solution against Angiomas. Please click here for Vbeam.

I have tiny red spots on my body, what are they?

Typically angiomas are red blood vessels that appear on the body as we get older. Some patients have a few but some patients could have up to 100 of these tiny lesions on the body. They are typically benign and not dangerous.

What are the treatment options for angiomas?

Angiomas, if they are small, could just be cauterized with an electrocautery. It is very successful and in most cases gets rid of them. They can also be treated with a 1064 laser in our clinic. The laser used to treat the angiomas is the Cynosure Apogee Elite laser.

Can angiomas ever turn cancerous?

Typically not, these are benign lesions and are typically not treated because they are not dangerous. However, some time they could become big and irritated and may sometimes even bleed. If that is the case, please see a dermatologist for removal.