Rosacea is a combination of persistent redness and broken blood vessels on the face. It is a result of chronic reddening, flushing and blushing that occurs because of increased reactivity of blood vessels to heat. Common heat stimuli include hot liquids, spicy food, alcohol and exposure to sun. It is very common in fair skin individuals, however it can also be seen in patients with darker skin color as well. There are many different forms of rosacea. The most common are the reddening of the face and acne like pimples.

There is now an effective solution against Rosacea.

What are the common triggers for Rosacea?

  • Alcohol
  • Sun
  • Hot tea or coffee
  • Spicy food

Is sunscreen necessary to control Rosacea?

Yes. It is very important to wear sunscreen. The sun is a trigger for rosacea so one must wear the sunscreen and hat every day.

Controlling Rosacea: Dr. Behnam’s skincare Regimen?

  • Green Tea Cleanser: Washing the face with gentle
    cleanser is very important. In our clinic, we have a gentle Green Tea
    Cleanser that soothes the skin. The face is washed twice daily with the
    gentle Green Tea Cleanser.
  • Vitamin C Serum: Vitamin C serum has been shown to reduce the redness on the face. This is applied on the face in the morning.
  • Zinc Oxide sunscreen: Must wear this sunscreen everyday.
  • Metrogel(Metrocream) or Finacea (Azeliec acid):
    These are prescription creams. They are typically used one a day. If one is using Vit. C serum in the morning, then the Zinc Oxide sunscreen is
    used at night.
  • Oracea or Doxycyclin 50mg: Studies have shown that rosacea has a lot of inflammation in the skin. Antibiotics like Oracea(Doxycyclin) will reduce the inflammation and reduce the redness.

Rosacea Santa Monica
What are the laser options for Rosacea?

Rosacea consists of redness and blood vessels. Lasers like V beam or IPL will help with the redness. Several sessions are required but they will significantly reduce the redness. The blood vessels are easily treated with lasers as well, including V-beam and 1064 lasers. Every patient is unique, so a customized treatment plan by Dr. Behnam is necessary to clear up your rosacea.

Is Rosacea contagious?

No. Rosacea is a combination of redness and blood vessels on the face. Common areas include the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. It is not caused by a bacteria or a virus. Triggers include sun, hot liquids, spicy food and alcohol.

What is Rhynophyma?

Rhynophyma refers to an enlarged bulbous nose. This is end stage of chronic rosacea on the nose. Treatments include laser surgery.