Wrinkle treatment is a type of anti-aging treatment that helps you look younger and reduce the signs of aging. So how do wrinkles form? That’s a great question! When we squint, frown, or worry, creates creases in our brow. After some time, those creases become permanent, also known as wrinkles. Seeing a dermatologist for wrinkle treatment Los Angeles is one of the best things you can do about your wrinkles. We are specialists and know exactly what to do and how to treat it.

Wrinkle treatment in Los Angeles

There are many creams and gels that promise to stop wrinkles, but few if any show results. The idea of using Botox, a toxin, to eliminate wrinkles is also unsettled. The CO2 laser treatment is the most promising method of wrinkle reduction and skin treatment. Safe, and simple, this procedure offers excellent results in approximately twenty to forty minutes.

A doctor should do the laser procedure and not a technician because each skin has its own shade of color. The intensity of laser and the depth of the intensity must be calibrated by a trained physician and not a technician. Severe burn and unrecoverable skin damage might ensue if the laser intensity is not calibrated correctly for the right color of skin. That is why it’s important to find a medical professional if you want it done right and professionally. For both acne and wrinkle scars removal, Dr. Behnam charges as low as $495 (partial facial) for first session. Partial facial areas are forehead, temples, cheeks and chin.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles

CO2 laser treatment has many benefits. In addition to reducing wrinkles, it can also smooth scars, rejuvenate skin that has been damaged by the sun, and create an even skin tone by minimizing discolorations. Wrinkle treatments are done as an outpatient procedure and requires only local anesthesia.

Wrinkle Removal Los Angeles

Patients who undergo the wrinkle treatment Los Angeles procedure are allowed to return home after. The procedure itself involves placing carefully guided pulses of light on the skin to vaporize the top layer to a specific depth, revealing clear, healthy skin beneath. Patients are given a soothing ointment that alleviates the discomfort while sealing out air until the skin is completely healed.

There are many benefits to this treatment. Patients typically appreciate the ease with which the procedure works to even out skin and skin tone on both face and neck skin. Healing after the procedure is very rapid and requires only minimal care, with all redness subsiding within a week. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for patients, however, is that goals can usually be achieved with only one to two treatments.

Unlike some procedures that must be done frequently or for prolonged periods of time to achieve results, CO2 laser treatment provides patients with a fast and effective method of wrinkle reduction, scar removal and tone blending that is entirely non-invasive and free of injected toxins. While both face lifts and Botox have their merits, for some patients CO2 laser treatments are simply the ideal wrinkle treatment for repairing and treating the skin.

Meet The Doctor: Dr. Behnam wrinkle removal Los Angeles professional and expert. He is also a Fractional CO2 Laser Specialist. He specializes in laser resurfacing of the face and has been featured on ABC7 and The Doctors Show performing the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dr. Ben Behnam is a dermatologist in Los Angeles that helps people get rid of wrinkles. Contact Dr. Behnam for more information.

Is there an initial consultation?

Yes. Dr. Behnam will meet with you. You will have the opportunity discuss what bothers you about your skin. He will then examine your face and explain the various treatment options available. He will tell you if the SmartXide Dot Fractional Resurfacing laser is right for you. If Dr. Behnam thinks you are a good candidate, he will explain the entire procedure in detail, step by step. He will show you pictures, testimonials and videos. You will have opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and will make sure you feel comfortable, knowledgeable and educated when you finish your consultation with him.

What are the results I will see?

In clinical studies of the SmartXide Dot Fractional CO2 laser published in February 2009 of Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, the study demonstrated greater than 50% improvement in almost all of the 32 patients with those undergoing treatment for wrinkles and pigment. In our clinical experience, results do vary from patient to patient, with some patients having their wrinkles almost eliminated while some had significant smoothing of the wrinkles. Deeper wrinkles may require more than one treatment whereas softer wrinkles might just require one treatment.

When do I start to see results?

The results are seen almost immediately as well as gradually as collagen continues to form weeks after the procedure is performed.

Is general anesthesia required?

No. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing does not require general anesthesia. Only topical numbing and nerve blocks are used prior to the procedure for maximal comfort. You are awake and comfortable.

How painful is the procedure?

Most of our patients that see Dr. Ben Behnam for wrinkle treatment in Los Angeles are very comfortable during the procedure and experience little to no pain.

Is there pain afterwards?

Most of our patients tell us that there is very minimal to no pain after the procedure.