More than 125 million people worldwide have psoriasis in one form or another. That is why the dermatology sector of many countries is trying to come up with new ways to improve the symptoms. While the condition can’t be cured, the symptoms can improve over time. One such device known as the XTRAC laser therapy promises to treat people with psoriasis. Learn more about how XTRAC Los Angeles can help you with your psoriasis.

XTRAC Laser Treatment: The Basics

The U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the XTRAC laser device in 2009 for treating psoriasis. It is a handheld device that you can get, or the dermatologist can use it on you in their office. The primary aim of the device is to help reduce psoriasis patches on your skin.

The device uses a single band of UVB rays on the psoriasis lesions on the skin. The device penetrates your skin and breaks down the DNA of the T cells. These are the cells that multiply and create psoriasis on the skin.

Over time, it has proven one of the most effective treatments in the dermatology industry. Many doctors use it for psoriasis treatment for their patients.

The Benefits Of XTRAC Laser Treatment

Here are the top three benefits of psoriasis treatment using a XTRAC laser.

1. Takes Minutes

The most crucial benefit for dermatology doctors and patients is that the treatment does not take up much time. It only takes minutes to use the device on the psoriasis patches, and the treatment is done. Yes, it is that easy and incredibly effective.

If your psoriasis has gotten worse, you can go for a few therapy sessions to see the fantastic results of the XTRAC laser device. Keep in mind that this will not affect your skin as the UV dose of the device is less.

2. Does Not Affect Your Surrounding Skin

Many people wonder that the UVB rays from the device will affect their overall skin, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The XTRAC laser treatment provides a concentrated light source and focuses only on the patches. Because of this concentration, the surrounding skin will not be affected.

The best part is that even if you have psoriasis on hard-to-reach areas such as elbows and knees, the device will work wonders here too. Your surrounding skin will be protected, and your psoriasis area will be treated ideally.

3. Effective And Visible Results

You will notice the results of the XTRAC laser Los Angeles treatment for your skin in no time. It will quickly improve the appearance of your psoriasis patches effectively. You will see a significant difference right after your first session.

Keep in mind that it will take some more sessions if your psoriasis is bad. The intensity will determine the treatments you need, but you will see results in no time.

The dermatology industry created the XTRAC laser treatment for psoriasis, and it has taken the medical world by storm. If you have psoriasis, you should opt for this treatment to see results in no time.