Vivace Los Angeles

Our skin is one of our most important assets, which is why many of us take care of it consistently. That means opting for treatment that helps our skin rejuvenate and glow in no time. If you are also looking to improve your skin, then you need to opt for Vivace Los Angeles.

The treatment is done through a device, improving and contouring the skin on your body and face in no time. Here is everything you need to know about the Vivace Laser experience.

Vivace Microneedling: The Basics

Vivace is a new laser device manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The device has thirty-six gold-tipped microneedles to enter the skin surface and apply radiofrequency energy and heat to tissues. The heat generated using the laser device helps produce elastin fibers and collagen.

Through this treatment, your skin will glow and look much younger. Keep in mind that compared to other microneedling systems, the Vivace experience is as good as it gets. The treatment is affordable, and it will replenish your skin in no time.

How Vivace Microneedling Works

Microneedling is only performed by skincare professionals who know what they are doing. The needle reaches deep into the skin, i.e., dermis, to allow the skin to heal naturally. It will enable collagen stimulation to enhance its production, which will make your skin firm, flexible, and thick.

Vivace microneedling uses a radio frequency that is administered into the dermis to heat the issue. The results will lead to youthful and tight skin. The Vivace laser has taken the beauty industry by storm, and many people are getting this treatment now.

Vivace Los Angeles Procedure

To make an informed decision, you need to understand the Vivace Los Angeles laser procedure and what it offers. First, your skin will be cleaned of any product, and a numbing agent will be applied. It will be done at least thirty minutes before the treatment begins.

Once the numbing agent starts doing its magic, the handheld Vivace microneedling device will be applied over the treatment area. The needles will perforate the skin and emit radiofrequency into your dermis. The frequency will be contained within your dermis to prevent any damage to your epidermis.

The radiofrequency and energy from the device will boost the natural healing process of your skin. Overall, the procedure will take at least forty-five minutes. Once the treatment is over, you can return to your regular routine and daily activities.

Does Vivace Microneedling Require Downtime?

Once your treatment is done, you might experience mild swelling and redness. Keep in mind that both these signs don’t last long as they subside within a few hours. If you get the treatment in the day, you can go anywhere you like at night.

However, many skincare experts recommend that you don’t put makeup on your face for at least six hours after the treatment. Besides that, you can resume your daily activities and do what you like. You should also avoid strenuous exercise and the harsh sun.

After all, you have to take care of your skin for a while after the treatment. That is the only way you notice results. So, you don’t require any downtime once the treatment is over

How Many Sessions Of Vivace Laser Do You Need?

Many people wonder if they need to keep going for Vivace microneedling sessions to see results. Well, you will notice the extraordinary results after one session. However, if you want it to impact your skin significantly, you will need to opt for a few sessions.

As a general rule of thumb, three treatments every four to six weeks are all you need to improve your skin’s health and appearance significantly. Once you notice these results, you can also take the help of serums and creams to maintain a youthful glow. Keep in mind that the results will keep getting better as your skin starts producing more collagen.

You can expect to see the best results after six months of the treatment. However, you should indulge in healthy skincare practices to keep it hydrated and fresh during this time. Also, use sunscreen daily to maximize the results of your Vivace laser.

The Vivace Experience And Its Benefits

Vivace Los Angeles will change your skin for the better for a long time to come. Here are some of the most significant benefits you can reap by option for Vivace microneedling:

1. No Pain

Many people get scared after listening to the term microneedling, but Vivace laser is a painless treatment. That is because it was manufactured while keeping your comfort and ease in mind. The device has insulated, super-fine, gold-tipped needles.

While that may seem scary, they are designed to enter your skin without giving you any pain. The best part is that the device’s motor distributes needles consistently, which allows the treatment to be painless. Of course, a numbing agent is also applied to the area before treatment.

So, both the numbing agent and the design of Vivace microneedling allow for a painless experience. Who said being beautiful is painful because, with the Vivace experience, it is most certainly not.

2. Rejuvenates And Tightens Skin

If you are suffering from loose or dull skin, the Vivace microneedling treatment is perfect for you. That is because the treatment utilizes radiofrequency technology, which takes the experience of microneedling to the next level. The heat will enhance your skin in no time by producing more collagen.

You will notice that your skin has become tighter, smoother, and youthful in the long run. The results of the treatment will depend on your skin and the number of sessions you take. The skincare expert you choose will let you know what is best for your skin.

Once the production of elastic and collagen is enhanced, your overall skin health, texture, and appearance will improve. Gone will be days when your skin would feel lose as the treatment will make it form in no time.

3. Can Also Be Used On The Body

Vivace microneedling is not only restricted to the face as you can make use of the treatment in your body too. It is entirely safe and incredibly effective when it comes to improving your body’s skin. For example, it can even address those hard to get rid of stretch marks that you have on your body.

That is because the Vivace experience aims to rejuvenate our overall skin. The texture, tone, scarring, and everything else will improve with time. That is why you can even get it done on your body.

Many people get the treatment done on their hands and neck to match their face skin health. So, if you want to rejuvenate your entire body, you can opt for the Vivace laser treatment.

4. No Downtime

Many people don’t opt for skin treatments because they take time to heal and recover. However, with the new Vivace laser technology, you will not face any downtime with the treatment. Yes, you will notice slight swelling and redness, but that will go away in no time.

Besides that, all you have to do is follow some post-treatment protocols, such as not wearing makeup for a few hours and staying out of the sun. That is why it is advised to get the treatment in the morning to be completely fine by evening. After a few hours, you can apply makeup, wash your face and do whatever you like.

Keep in mind that immediately after the treatment, you can resume your daily activities. It will not hinder your functioning, and the treatment does not require recovery or rest. So, you can even go to work after the treatment, and you will be fine.

5. Results Keep Getting Better

Finally, the most significant advantage is that the results of this treatment keep on getting better with time. When it comes to other cosmetic treatments, the effects usually fade away. However, with Vivace microneedling, your skin will only keep getting better.

That is because the Vuvace laser is meant to boost collagen production in your skin. When this happens, your skin’s natural function of producing collagen will increase, and it will keep on producing more elastin and collagen. In the long run, such production will improve your skin’s texture, tone, and firmness in no time.

After a few months, you will notice that your skin looks better than ever. That is because it will be better and keep on looking better with time. So, be ready to see excellent results for a long time.

Vivace Microneedling Los Angeles Treatment

That was your complete guide to the Vivace laser treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm these days, and rightly so. Vivace microneedling Los Angeles is fantastic, and it can solve many skin problems for you. In the long run, your skin will look healthy, firm, and have a natural glow.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation with us today! If you want to enhance your skin, it is time for you to opt for the Vivace experience. You will not be disappointed.