Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a type of therapy that’s newer and more recently used for hair treatments. PRP is a component of your own blood with a higher concentration of platelets. PRP treatment is a type of regenerative medicine that can harness the capacity for the body to recover itself. It also enhances the natural development aspects your body makes use of to heal and recover cells and tissue. PRP Los Angeles has been proven to be a very natural and effective treatment procedure for people who are suffering from hair loss. It is also even used as an anti-aging solution. PRP injections are performed by Dr. Ben Behnam, as a natural treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. PRP hair treatment is also known as Vampire Hair Treatment, similar to Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial. The good thing about PRP therapy for hair loss is that it is an FDA-approved procedure that’s performed under clinical conditions in order to ensure the entire process is as hygienic and professional as possible.

PRP hair treatment Los Angeles

Traditionally, there have only been oral and topical treatments available for hair loss. In the last several years, minimally invasive procedures have also become available for hair loss including PRP. The procedure involves drawing blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate the growth factors naturally present in blood. Once the growth factors are concentrated, it is then injected into the patient’s site.

Hair loss for men and women can be a huge problem. The struggle of not having hair, something that a part of who we are and what defines us, is a huge factor in self-confidence and well being. There are many different types of hair loss. From alopecia to effluvium, to hypotrichosis, to trichotillomania, folliculitis, to trichorrhexis nodosa, they can all be a big problem. PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles has the right type of treatment and solutions for your hair loss problems. It is non-invasive meaning you can easily use this process without any downtime and discomfort from surgical procedures.

But before you get PRP injections, you should learn more about the PRP process and what it consists of. You will also want to speak to a medical professional regarding your symptoms and see if PRP can be successful and is right for you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dr. Ben Behnam. He will be more than happy to speak with you about the treatment.

Is PRP hair treatment Los Angeles a good choice?

Many people believe plasma hair treatments best option, as it is proven first-hand. Plasma hair treatment aids the synthesis of the generation of new blood vessels that can help hair loss. The original use of PRP injections was for helping or muscle repair, but results have also shown to help treat alopecia. If you also can’t get a hair transplant, PRP is a good option for you as it uses nonsurgical methods.

PRP Before and After

Check this video out that shows PRP hair treatment before and after.

There are many reasons why PRP hair treatment Los Angeles is beneficial.

Benefits of PRP for hair loss:


People may have different allergic reactions to medications and other procedures, but because PRP plasma solution is created by and uses the patient’s own blood, the risk of running into any problems is very low. There is no mixture or contamination of another patient’s blood or solution. The results PRP will display will be slow and steady, but long-lasting, because of the natural aspect of it. Repeat sessions may be needed.

Good Side Effects

The PRP Los Angeles solution helps boosts the protein in the body which can naturally help produce stronger hair follicles on the scalp, in abundance. PRP treatment solution is also known as a treatment for many other parts of the body, such as the face, neck, and body. It can help with any type of soreness, bruises, muscle injuries, or bumps that you may have on your body.

Low Recovery Time Length

Some surgical procedures can take time to heal as they can be bruised and swollen. A good example of this is hair transplants. The recovery time ranges from 1 hour to a full day to recover from the PRP injection Los Angeles procedure. Many times the patient can go back to doing what they were doing in the day.


PRP Los Angeles treatment is usually not painful but some may experience mild discomfort. Most people are able to go through and handle the process without any pain. Inflammation and temporary soreness may be common for patients that opt-in for PRP therapy.

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PRP hair treatment Los Angeles

PRP FAQ (Plate-Rich Plasma Frequently Asked Questions)

What is PRP or Plate-Rich Plasma?

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, is the process of using the platelets found in the plasma of your own blood with a higher concentration of platelets. Typically, PRP contains 3 to 8 times the concentration of platelets in normal blood. Platelets play a critical role in healing by releasing growth factors, which influence tissue repair in different types of cells. When used for hair restoration, the growth factors released by the platelets stimulate hair follicle growth.

How does PRP hair treatments work?

PRP injections for hair loss are used to help hair restoration from hair loss and balding. It stops and also reverses hair miniaturization in androgenetic alopecia follicles. PRP injections Los Angeles also stimulates inactive hair follicles into active growth and accelerates that process. The PPR injection cost is affordable and works well with many patients.

Is plasma hair treatment safe?

The process is completely safe as it uses the patient’s own platelets. The procedure is also performed in a professional and sterile environment and setting.

How long does one PRP hair treatment session take?

A PRP session depends on the type of procedure and result. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. At Dermatologist Los Angeles, we make sure the procedure is done right, as efficiently as possible.

How is PRP prepared?

Usually, in PRP for other parts of the body, for example, the doctor will first draw 10ml of blood from the elbow, but since this is dealing with the hair and scalp, it is a little different. Like a regular PRP procedure, PRP for hair loss Los Angeles consists of a doctor that will draw some blood from you, just like a regular blood draw that will be sent to the lab. The blood will then be placed it in a centrifuge that will separate the platelets. Then the platelets will be treated in plasma.

How is PRP performed?

The harvesting of PRP for hair treatments is performed by a medical professional or practitioner. After the PRP is prepared it will be ready for injection.

How many PRP hair treatments are needed to see results?

The number of sessions one may need depends on the severity of the hair loss.

When can I start seeing results from PRP?

Because of the natural nature of PRP, seeing results may take some time. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months, or even longer. It depends on the person and the procedure.

How long does PRP last?

The length of the results of PRP hair restoration varies by many factors such as gender, age, and genetic makeup.

How long is the recovery time after a PRP hair treatment?

Most of the time, patients can resume their daily activities 1 hour after treatment. Since every person is different, please listen to your body and be aware of how you’re feeling.

How much does PRP cost?

The cost of PRP depends on the results you want and the number of sessions you may need. Also, PRP Los Angeles cost depends on the type of session (first time or maintenance).

Should I make a consultation before getting PRP?

Talk to a physician to see if PRP hair treatment is right for you. You will be able to go over all the little details that involve PRP. We want you to be well informed and knowledgable in PRP before getting PRP treatment for hair loss.

Is PRP treatment Los Angeles a permanent solution?

PRP helps with the building and regrowth of your hair, and hair follicles, but is temporary. Usually, after your desired results are achieved, follow-up treatments once or twice a year will be needed for regular maintenance sessions, that will help it remain effective.

PRP for Hair Loss Q&A

At PRP Los Angeles, we have the best PRP methods. It’s better and much more effective than traditional PRP. It’s called PRP 3SPIN.

What is PRP 3SPIN and How is it different than traditional PRP?

PRP is more effective today than it was 10 years ago. Our PRP is different than the traditional PRP that has been performed. Please read the reasons below. PRP 3SPIN was created to Dr. Behnam and refers to the fact that Dr. Behnam performs a triple spin in order to concentrate the growth factors better.

How is PRP better than it was 10 years ago? PRP Now vs PRP 10 Years Ago


Over the past 10 years, doctors have naturally become more trained and experienced in effectively injecting and formulating PRP.

Bigger and More Powerful Centrifuge

Ten years ago we used a smaller centrifuge to prepare our PRP. Now, our centrifuge is currently much larger. This allows us to concentrate on growth factors more efficiently than before.

Triple Centrifuge Technique (PRP 3SPIN)

When we initially started performing PRP injections, we would only spin the blood for one round with the centrifuge. The purpose of the centrifuge is to concentrate the growth factor that can be injected in the scalp. The concentrated blood is called the buffy coat. The buffy coat from one round of centrifuge does not yield the necessary amount of growth thus the initial results from PRP for hair loss Los Angeles were not great. We now perform two rounds with the centrifuge, one being two minutes, and the other being six minutes. This allows the buffy coat to become much more concentrated, thus being more potent. In our clinic, we always do two rounds of centrifuge to achieve the best results. Unfortunately, many clinics still utilize the one centrifuge technique when preparing the PRP. This outdated method typically results in poor hair growth.

Injection Technique

The technique used to inject the scalp also makes a huge difference. The outdated technique is to perform only a few pokes and inject most of the solution during those few pokes. However, we have found that based on experience this will not yield the best cosmetic results. The technique we use in our clinic is to make hundreds of needle injection sites half a centimeter apart. This allows us to spread the PRP more evenly throughout the entire scalp. Also, we believe that the act of doing hundreds of injections causes trauma which helps to activate many of the growth factors in the PRP. Please watch our videos to see our injection techniques.

Derma Roller

Most practitioners underestimate the power of derma rollers after a PRP session. We believe that derma rollers are extremely important inactivation of growth factors from PRP. In fact, not only do we use a derma roller after every PRP session, but we have also devised a special protocol that our patients use with the derma roller even after the initial injection day.

PRP Intervals

Ten years ago we would one do one PRP session and wait six months to see the results. However based upon our experience, we now know that shorter intervals are the best in achieving great results. We currently recommend performing PRP three to four times in one-month intervals to achieve the best results.