Lines and wrinkles around the eyes will manifest as people age when they lose collagen that’s normally present in this area. Harsh factors like excess hours in the sun or stressful lifestyle choices will accelerate this process as well. Unable to deal with the development of these lines and wrinkles, some people choose to have them treated through a simple and effective procedure – Eye Botox!

Eye Botox is a procedure that targets those lines and wrinkles in the eye. It’s a quick and safe non-surgical procedure that can relax these areas and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles as a result. At first, it might not seem like a whole lot of treatments would be necessary to produce significant results, but yet it’s often a challenging or even painful process that many people go through to get rid of these signs of aging. While eye Botox is primarily used to treat the skin around the eyes, it does sometimes help in treating crow’s feet as well.

Eye botox

How Is Eye Botox Performed?

Eye Botox is performed by a specially trained doctor. Because the whole process is very short and reliable, it’s a procedure that can be performed in a medical center or even a clinic that deals primarily with Botox treatments. The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and the professional administering the eye botox treatments will use tiny needles to smooth out the wrinkles and prevent new ones from developing. They’ll concentrate on areas where the wrinkles are most prominent in order to reduce their visibility and provide the best results. The doctor will explain everything they’ll be doing step by step so you can be sure that your eyes will be well taken care of!

There are several unique aspects to the eye Botox procedure that allow the doctors to perform the process to provide their patients with the best results! One of the primary things to point out is that a numbing agent is used to make patients uncomfortable or even pain-free. It relaxes the muscles that are targeted to perform the procedure more effectively, which reduces any possible recovery time as well. Production and anti-aging effects are also maximized.

How Many Units of Botox Does It Take For The Eyes?

It will take approximately 12 – 24 units in total. Each eye will receive 12 units of Botox, and it can take a lot of years of a person’s appearance. The amount of Botox botulinum used depends on the number of wrinkles and crow feet around the eye and everywhere else around the face. Some individuals get more Botox for the eye as they are naturally more wrinkly or have a worse case of the symptoms. Not all doctors will give the same amount of Botox, so it pays to devour the treatment before you partake in treatment.

How Long Will Results in Last After Eye Botox?

Routine treatments can maintain younger-looking eyes but only continue for a specific amount of time. Like any treatment, results from eye Botox will dwindle after the regime is completed. While the initial results can last for around four months, just like Botox for the neck, many eye Botox procedures will last for a year or longer. It’s easy to maintain these results with the right after-treatment products and strategies and doing so can help prevent additional signs of aging from becoming visible.

Since the eye Botox injections are not cheap, people need to make a decision if it is worth the cost for them. Check with your doctor before deciding as this can be the deciding factor when treating. Overall, the cost and costs of eye Botox treatments will vary from person to person, as well. It also depends on the length of time the procedure was done. As a general recommendation, it is affordable and available, but it depends on the individual to make the decision.

Knowing the procedure and reasons behind it should already help you decide if it’s worth it for you to undergo some eye Botox. A lot of people actually believe that it is. Since there can be numerous signs of aging in the eyes, even in a younger person, it’s a smart decision to opt for eye Botox if you see yourself still using it at a certain age.