Traditionally, there have only been oral and topical treatments available for hair loss. In the last several years, minimal invasive procedures have also became available for hair loss including PRP. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. The procedure involves drawing blood, and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate the growth factors naturally present in blood. Once the growth factors are concentrated, it is then injected into the site.
What is PRP 3SPIN and How is it different than traditional PRP?
PRP is more effective today than it was 10 years ago. Our PRP is different than the traditional PRP that have been performed. Please read the reasons below. PRP 3SPIN was created to Dr. Behnam and refers to the fact that Dr. Behnam performs a triple spin in order concentrate the growth factors better.
Why is PRP better than 10 years ago?
#1. EXPERIENCE: Over the past 10 years doctors have naturally become more trained and experienced in effectively injecting and formulating PRP.
#2. BIGGER, MORE POWERFUL CENTRIFUGE: Ten years ago we used a smaller centrifuge in order to prepare our PRP. Now, our centrifuge is currently much larger. This allows us to concentrate growth factors more efficiently than before.
#3. TRIPLE CENTRIFUGE TECHNIQUE (PRP 3SPIN): When we initially started performing PRP injections, we would only spin the blood for one round with the centrifuge. The purpose of the centrifuge is to concentrate the growth factor that can be injected in the scalp. The concentrated blood is called the buffy coat.The buffy coat from one round of centrifuge does not yield the necessary amount of growth thus the initial results from PRP were not great. We now perform two rounds with the centrifuge, one being two minute, and the other being six minutes. This allows the buffy coat to become much more concentrated, thus being more potent. In our clinic we always do two rounds of centrifuge in order to achieve the best results. Unfortunately many clinics still utilize the one centrifuge technique when preparing the PRP. This outdated method typically results in poor hair growth.
#4. INJECTION TECHNIQUE: The technique used to inject the scalp also makes a huge difference. The outdated technique is to perform only a few pokes and inject most of the solution during those few pokes. However we have found that based on experience this will not yield the best cosmetic results. The technique we use in our clinic is to make hundreds of needle injection sites half a centimeter apart. This allows us to spread the PRP more evenly throughout the entire scalp. Also, we believe that the act of doing hundreds of injections causes trauma which helps to activate many of the growth factors in the PRP. Please watch our videos to see our injection techniques.
#5. DERMA ROLLER: Most practitioners underestimate the power of derma rollers after a PRP session. We believe that derma rollers are extremely important in activation of growth factors from PRP. In fact, not only do we use a derma roller after every PRP session, but we have also devised a special protocol that our patients use with the derma roller even after the initial injection day.
#6 PRP INTERVALS: Ten years ago we would one do ONE PRP session and wait six months to see the results. However based upon our experience, we now know that shorter intervals are the best in achieving great results. We currently recommend performing PRP three to four times in one month intervals to achieve the best results.